DxO Revs Up FilmPack


posted Friday, March 9, 2012 at 12:12 PM EST

Dxo-2011-200x123DxO has released FilmPack 3.2 with several significant improvements to the emulsion simulator we recently reviewed.

Many of the enhancements are a result of FilmPack's move to 64-bit processing but there are some usability improvements as well.


Highlights of the update include:

• In moving to 64 bits for both Windows and Mac, DxO FilmPack, which was already compatible with 64-bit Adobe Lightroom 3, is now compatible with more third-party applications running in 64-bit mode, including Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and Apple Aperture.

• DxO FilmPack is also compatible with Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 and 10.

• Image processing speed has increased thanks to 64-bit algorithms.

• DxO FilmPack can process large files without constraint.


Besides 64-bit processing, FilmPack 3.2 adds a few handy interface improvements, too.


Improvements to usability include:

• You can switch from one film look to another using the arrow keys, a real time-saver.

• The mouse or scroll wheel now works more intuitively with sliders and menus.

• The FilmStrip has been optimized to preview grain in resizable thumbnails.

• Import/Export of custom presets has been reworked to simplify exchanges between users.


The free update (which requires re-entering your activation code) can be downloaded directly from the application. A trial version is available from the DxO download page.

FilmPack 3.2 is available in either a $79 Essential Edition or a $129 Expert Edition.