posted Monday, March 12, 2012 at 9:51 PM EDT

Tress.182x200Adobe, oddly enough, hosted a private showing of "Arthur Tress: San Francisco 1964" at the de Young Museum in San Francisco, a collection of decidedly non-digital images by a photographer who doesn't own Photoshop.

The exhibit features a trove of images Tress rediscovered going through his late sister's things. He had visited Madelaine 48 years ago, taking photos at the Republican National Convention and around the city. When he left town, he left them behind. But she kept them.

Jim Ganz, the curator, spent two years to go over the 900+ images to pick more than 90 to print and mount for the show. It's a major find.

But the big attraction was Tress himself, who talked about his work and walked us through the exhibit to discuss some of the images. Read our report for the details.