One-day deal: Zoner Photo Studio 14 Pro for the price of Home Edition


posted Monday, March 19, 2012 at 12:31 PM EDT

Zoner Photo Studio's logo. Click here to visit the Zoner Photo Studio website!Zoner Software, the Czech Republic-based company behind the Windows-only imaging application Zoner Photo Studio has today announced a brief opportunity for customers to get the flagship Pro version of the app at a significant discount. If you've been considering picking up a copy of the program, act quick -- the deal's only valid today!

Launched last November, Zoner Photo Studio 14 Pro is the only current version of the app that includes raw file support. While lower versions can display raw thumbnails, they can't edit them. The Pro version also supports more import types than the Home and Free releases of Zoner, and adds GPU acceleration, HDR support, layers, 16-bit-per-channel editing, advanced noise reduction, further lens corrections, and a "fill with surroundings" function, among other differences.

Ordinarily, Zoner Photo Studio 14 Pro is priced at around US$70, and the less powerful Home version costs US$35. For today only, though, you can pick up the Pro version for the same price as Zoner 14 Home from, a website specializing in one-day promotions of software for both Windows and Mac OS.

More details on Zoner Photo Studio 14 Pro can be found on the Zoner Software website.

Press Release

A Professional All-in-one Photo Suite for Just $34.99

(March 19th, 2012) On this day only, you have a chance to pick up Zoner Photo Studio 14 at a 50% discount. That’s because this all-in-one solution for all photographers is being promoted on at a discount price of just $34.99.

Zoner Photo Studio has found its way into the hearts of millions of users around the world thanks to its ease of use and its advanced management, editing, and sharing tools.

In version 14, the already wide range of features like clone stamping, histogram curve editing, and red eye reduction has been enriched with new functions and tools. Tone Mapping helps you create magical scenes from even a single photograph, giving a new dimension to the art of HDR. The new Deform tool helps with popular tasks like slimming waistlines and turning frowns upside down. Fill with Surroundings can remove an object from a picture effortlessly, replacing it with its surroundings so convincingly you’d never know it was there.

Other important new features are CUDA/OpenCL support to make even the most complicated edits blazing fast, and easy sharing from right inside the program straight to web galleries. 

So don’t hesitate—get your own affordable, professional photo suite right now on this special day!

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Zoner Photo Studio is comprehensive software for work with digital photographs. It accompanies users throughout the whole cycle of photo processing, including acquiring, editing, and touch ups, creating effects, organizing, archiving, publishing and sharing their work. Zoner Photo Studio was the first comprehensive digital photo processing software to include support for GPS and for creating 3D pictures.