The Camera Bag: Gizmon Military Case Turns Your iPhone Into a Mini Leica


posted Monday, March 19, 2012 at 8:37 AM EST

Let's say you want to buy a Leica M9 digital rangefinder but can't afford the $8K price tag. (Yeah, join the club.) The next best thing might just be this line of cases from Gizmon iCa that transform your iPhone into a rangefinder look-a-like. The latest case is the Gizmon iCa Military Edition, which will give your phone a textured, black-paint look that recalls the M9 and M9-P.

Along with making you feel like a war photographer, the Gizmon iCa Military Edition will protect your precious iPhone, thanks to 23 pieces of durable polycarbonate in its wraparound shell.

But the case is not just about style and protection. It has a couple cool, photo-centric features that will make shooting pictures with your iPhone a more camera-like experience including a shutter button that fits over the phone's volume control and can be used to snap an image.

A conversion mount goes over the iPhone's lens and will let you add a wide-angle, macro, or fisheye lens. Meanwhile, the "mock" central lens on the case has a mirror for shooting self-portraits.

The case also adds an optical viewfinder, a micro hot shoe and an attachable tripod stand for long exposures. And finally, they throw in a soft bag for carrying your iRangefinder around.

You can get the Gizmon iCa Military Edition case from the Four Corners Store for $70.

(Via Leica Rumors)