iPhoneography? There’s a course for that.


posted Thursday, March 22, 2012 at 12:22 PM EST

Apple's iPhone in use. Photo provided by Apple.Love your iPhone and playing with popular photo apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, and Snapseed, but convinced your photos could be better? London's Kensington and Chelsea College has the course for you, held at the Chelsea Centre and promising to teach techniques that will turn your iPhone photos from mundane to magnificent.

The course, entitled "iPhoneography: Photography with your iPhone" and led by 25-year photographer Richard Gray, runs for five weeks with a three hour session each week, and three hours on exercises outside of class. The first class is nearing completion, having started on March 1st, but new classes are set to start on April 26th and May 31st. As an alternative for those who want to hit the ground running, there's also a one-week condensed course that runs Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm, on the week of July 16th.

According to a report last month from the BBC, the course is believed to be a UK first. Topics covered will include basic composition techniques and editing skills including blending, cloning, and collage creation. In the future, it's possible that the course will be expanded to encompass Android smartphones with reasonably capable cameras, as well.

For those around the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, Mr. Gray's course sounds like a fun way to get up to speed on the latest iPhone photography apps and techniques, and to make some friends with similar interests. Fees run anywhere from £115 to £263, depending on whether you're from within or outside the European Union, and whether you opt for the five-week or condensed course. The only required equipment is an Apple iPhone of any generation, and you'll need to purchase around £20 in apps needed for the course. Although you won't receive a qualification of any kind on completion of the course, you'll have your portfolio to show the world that you are, indeed, an iPhoneographer. Cool!