The Camera Bag: Shot Glasses Shaped Like Canon and Nikon Lenses


posted Monday, March 26, 2012 at 7:53 AM EST

We don't normally endorse mixing drinking with photograpy -- it can lead to too many embarrassing Facebook photos -- but if you choose to imbibe, why not kick one back with these cool lens shot glasses?

Available from Photojojo as a set of three Canon or Nikon lens shot glasses, these little ceramic cups replicate the raised numbers, ridged focus rings, and auto/manual focus switches you'd find on actual camera lenses. They're also the same size as a standard bar shot -- 1.5 ounces -- so your bartender friends will be impressed too.

The Shot Glass Lens Set, which sells for $18, is the natural evolution of those Canon and Nikon lens coffee mugs that were all the rage a few years ago. But whatever you do, don't start pouring shots of alcohol into your coffee. That's just plain nasty.