SmugMug adds more awesome to iOS app


posted Tuesday, March 27, 2012 at 5:34 PM EST

Camera Awesome's logo. Click here to visit the Camera Awesome website!Photo sharing site SmugMug's recently-announced photography app--Camera Awesome--has proven very popular according to the company, which reports today that its creation is now the number one photo app in 55 countries. After more than two million downloads in just the first week, Camera Awesome has gone on to pass four million downloads in its first month on Apple's App Store. Today, the company's added some new features that should help make the app even more popular.

Perhaps most significantly, Camera Awesome v1.0.3 now includes Instagram integration, making it easy to share photos with Instagram users.  There's also a new pricing model allowing users to buy permanent access to all Camera Awesome effects for around US$10; customers who've already paid for effects under the previous bundle will find that those purchases will count towards the $10 bundle price.

There's also a new pinch zoom function, a white balance lock, an improved self-timer whose duration is set with a drag of the finger, and an in-app "Getting Started" guide. Additional improvements include tweaks to performance and EXIF dates, bug and crash fixes, and an improved sharing interface.

SmugMug's Camera Awesome app is available on Apple's iTunes App Store, free of charge.  iOS 4.3 or later devices are supported. More details on the Camera Awesome website.