The Camera Bag: Schedule Your Next Photo Shoot with this Bizarre Siri-Possessed iPhone Case


posted Friday, March 30, 2012 at 8:38 AM EST

No, not everyone is a fan of the Apple iPhone 4S' talking personal assistant, known as Siri. But if you don't mind Siri taking over your life -- and your iPhone -- you might be interested in this truly bizarre case that forces you to use Apple's chatty digital factotum for all your tasks.

Designed by Shapeways, the 3D iPhone case looks like something from a sci-fi horror movie. And because it covers the iPhone's gorgeous retina screen and everything else except for the home button, the only functionality you'll be able to get from your phone is by calling up Siri.

Here's how Shapeways describes the creepy case:

The androgynous face has a wry, elusive smile suggesting the machine knows something that the user does not. Behind Siri's all-knowing gaze, the glow of the iphone screen is visible through the sculpture, and the main buttons are still accessible even when the screen is obscured.

You can get it here for $90.

(Via Mashable)