Ogle Gorgeous Classic Cameras At Prism Yard Web Gallery


posted Wednesday, April 4, 2012 at 2:18 PM EDT

Honestly, cameras are objects of beauty and desire as much as they are working tools for photographers. Now there’s a new website gallery called Prism Yard, where the elegance and beauty of the camera is enthusiastically celebrated.

There are dozens of gorgeous images of cameras, old and new, at Prism Yard, provided to the site by owner/photographers from around the world. A collaborative gallery, Prism Yard wants to be a place where photographers can share images of their cameras and browse through the treasured collections of others.

Open to anyone who wants to submit an image of their beloved old Canon IV or Miranda F, Prism Yard has few requirements other than wanting attractive images that are larger than 1000 pixels in one dimension.
The relationship between photographer and camera has always verged on a not so secret love affair. When first dating my wife, I explained to her that we would always be a “ménage à trios,” she and I and my camera.

We photographers own a lot of cameras in our working lives and most of us have favorites that we just cannot part with. Over the years, we may leave them sitting on a shelf, to be glanced at only occasionally, cherished reminders of our first explorations in picture making. From old leather bellows folders to not so old Single Lens Reflexes, Prism Yard lovingly honors them. It is a unique and quirky presentation that commemorates the evolution and the heritage of photographic devices.
One of the pleasures of the site is to browse through the groups of cameras and find one that I once owned but almost had forgotten. Discovering the photo of a shiny, almost new looking Nikon S2, like the one that was my first real camera, gave me a thrill and brought back many remembrances of times past.   
That's why, I am going to send Prism Yard some photos too. I just need to clean up and polish, my old wood and brass, 1900s Premo B, with “pneumatic shutter” and leather bellows. I want it to look its best to have its picture taken, so that in a couple of days, I expect to see my old beauty take its place among the other stars of yesteryear at Prism Yard.

(Via Photojojo)