Snorkeling with your iPhone? There’s a case for that


posted Thursday, April 5, 2012 at 8:21 PM EDT

Concord Keystone's ECO MarineCase for iPhone 4 and 4S. Photo provided by Concord Keystone Trading LLC.Smartphones have taken over as the daily snapshooter for a lot of folks, but there are still plenty of situations where your smartphone can't replace a dedicated camera. A new camera case from Concord Keystone aims to negate the dedicated camera's advantage in one of these areas: underwater.

The Concord Keystone ECO™ MarineCase is a waterproof case for Apple's iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, said to be safe to a depth of 20 feet or six meters. While that's not going to be enough for more than a casual scuba diver, it's plenty for swimming and snorkeling. It'll also protect your iPhone from dust and sand as well, and indeed, carries IP58 certification. That means that while it's not entirely dustproof, it should prevent enough dust entering the case to interfere with the phone's operation.

According to Concord Keystone, the ECO MarineCase "supports full iPhone screen and call functionality" while the phone is inside the case, although we wouldn't recommend testing the latter when submerged. ;-)

The ECO MarineCase is available immediately in black or white, and includes a neckstrap. Pricing is around US$40, which is relatively little compared to the cost of replacing a damaged iPhone if you accidentally get it wet. So, next time you're heading out for a day at the pool, lake or seaside, don't forget: pack your swimsuit, and your iPhone's!

Press Release

New "Swim Suit" for iPhone 4S/4 Lets You Take It 20-Feet Below the Water's Surface

SUNRISE, FL - April 5, 2012 - The earth is made up of more than 70% water so it just doesn't seem right that the iPhone 4S/4 has to hide under a beach towel while you enjoy the surf (and also suffer from a little iPhone separation anxiety). Concord Keystone remedies that situation with the new Keystone ECO™ MarineCase, a fully submersible case for iPhone 4S/4 that keeps it 100% dry and safe at depths of up to 20 ft/6m underwater. Now you can capture video at an underwater reef and share it through Youtube or post to Facebook even before you surface.

The MarineCase works equally well in swimming pools and features a clear protective silicon cover that supports full iPhone screen and call functionality so you can watch videos, answer email, text data and use apps without leaving the water.

The MarineCase is designed specifically for in-water use and is the ideal protective case for swimming, kayaking, white water rafting, boating, fishing, or for almost any water activity or sport. It even protects the iPhone 4S/4 against sand when you are at the beach. Use the camera while reeling in a Blue Marlin or shooting the rapids. The MarineCase is IP58 certified (dustproof and waterproof).

Make no mistake, this case is not for everyday use. It is designed to handle submersion in water without leakage. The secure closure lock means your iPhone is safe.

You don't swim in your everyday clothes. Your iPhone shouldn't either.

The MarineCase comes in two colors, black or white and includes a sturdy neck strap.

The MarineCase is available at

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