The Camera Bag: Classic Sony Mavica Camera from Early 2000s on Sale at Wal-Mart


posted Tuesday, April 17, 2012 at 8:18 AM EST

We thought we were being cheeky when we referenced now-ancient Sony Mavica cameras in this piece on cocktail coasters shaped like floppy disks. It turns out you can get one of those classic Mavica cameras in what looks like an unopened box right now at Wal-Mart for a cool $269.

The camera model is the Sony MVC-FD200 FD Mavica from 2002 -- it debuted at CES! -- and it shoots whopping 2-megapixel photos, which are stored onto a floppy disk or the cutting-edge, at the time, Sony Memory Stick.

According to Consumerist, it was spotted on sale a Wal-Mart in Illinois by a reader, who snapped the photo on the right.

Considering this particular Sony Mavica sold for $499 when it first came out, I guess you could call this a "deal." If you want want the  MVC-FD200 FD Mavica much cheaper though, you can find refurbished models on eBay for around $20. (Now that sounds more like what it's worth, to us.)

(Via Consumerist via PetaPixel)