Behind the scenes at DxO’s Canon 5D Mk III test


posted Monday, April 23, 2012 at 11:01 AM EDT

Canon's EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR. Click for our Canon EOS 5D Mark III preview!Tech blog CNET Crave have published an interesting article taking readers behind the scenes at DxO Labs, the French software company behind the DxO Optics Pro image processing application, and the DxOMark camera / lens testing website.

DxO recently put the Canon EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR through its paces, and offered up their verdict: the best score for a Canon DSLR to date, but in DxO's opinion still trailing several of the best models from archrival Nikon. CNET's Stephen Shankland was there to watch as the 5D III was tested, and provides some great info on DxO's test process, as well as on the company's plans for a new test that would better reflect the real-world-performance of digital cameras. There's also some insight into DxO's core business, albeit one that doesn't generate quite the same headlines as its attempts to quantify camera greatness: developing new techniques to improve the results of camera phones while helping reduce their cost and physical complexity.

More details in the CNET Crave article, "How DxO Labs tests hot cameras like Canon's latest SLR".