The Camera Bag: iPhone Cases Designed Like Retro Cameras


posted Monday, April 23, 2012 at 1:04 PM EDT

Last month we told you about a cool iPhone case that turns your Apple phone into a Leica-like digital rangefinder. Now, Mashable has a fantastic gallery of 20 Retro iPhone Cases that look like classic tech products.

Included in the mix are several iPhone covers that resemble vintage cameras including a gel skin that makes your phone look like a Rollei (right) and a slim case that turns it into a classic Kodak Instamatic (below).

One of our favorite of the non-camera related iPhone cases is a cover that makes your modern Apple product resemble a rotary pay phone (bottom).

You can buy the Rollei gel skin here for $9.99 and the Kodak case here for $16.99. The payphone case sells for $16.99 from here.