Look out Cokin, there’s a new kid in town


posted Monday, April 30, 2012 at 12:02 PM EST

84.5mm Camera Filters logo. Click here to visit the 84.5mm Camera Filters website!There's a new kid on the block for photographic filters, with the announcement by a newly-formed Slovakian company that it will soon start selling filters in the standard Type P format.

Piešťany-based G&R spol. s.r.o. will sell its filters under the brand name '84.5mm camera filters', taking the name from the typical width of a Type P filter. Initially, G&R plans to offer a selection of 23 filters in two sizes: 84.5mm x 100mm, and 84.5mm x 150mm. The rectangular filters are compatible with Type P filter holders from the likes of the recently-resurrected Cokin, and much like that company's products are made from a plastic polymer known as CR-39 or allyl diglycol carbonate. CR-39 is commonly used in eyeglasses, and has the combination of good optical properties, and higher scratch resistance than other uncoated plastics. It's also harder to shatter than optical glass, and has good resistance to heat and common solvents / chemicals.

Side-by-side comparison of an unmodified image, and one shot using a combination of G&R's Full Gradual Orange and Dark Tobacco filters. Image provided by G&R spol. s.r.o. Click for a bigger picture!

Side-by-side comparison of an unmodified image, and one shot using a combination of G&R's Full Gradual Orange and Dark Tobacco filters.
Image provided by G&R spol. s.r.o.

G&R's filters at launch will all be single graduated types, with a choice of five graduated neutral density filters, and 19 color graduated filters: purple, pink, blue, orange, green, yellow, tobacco, denim, and antique. These should be followed by four striped filters that are graduated on both sides of the stripe: blue, purple, pink, and orange. The company further notes that it is planning to offer filters intended for cinematography in the future.

More details on the 84.5mm camera filters website.

G&R's Full Gradual Classic Blue filter. Image provided by G&R spol. s.r.o. Click for a bigger picture!

G&R's Full Gradual Classic Blue filter.
Image provided by G&R spol. s.r.o.

Press Release

New Brand of square / gradual camera filters: 84.5mm

1.5.2012, SR, European Union--Dear friends of landscape, architectural and outdoor photography, we are pleased to announce you new brand of square / gradual photographic and cinematographic filters for both professional and amateur artists / photographers.

Company 84.5mm was established in year 2011 by a group of enthusiastic studio and outdoor photographers who joined forces with experienced chemists and production engineers. The idea of its origin was born in 2008, followed by three long years of development, research, laboratory experiments and fine-tuning best production technologies.

"In 2011 we could say that we have created an ideal manufacturing technology and a series of filters of exceptional quality that will please even the most demanding professionals and not only for its reasonable price." State the co-founders of the company.

Filters of brand 84.5mm are universally compatible and extended to fit square holder filter type P "84 to 85 mm" Filters are manufactured, similar as the world's most established brands of filter material CR-39, which has exceptional optical and mechanical properties - the same material is normally used for production of lightweight dioptric glasses or cockpits of combat aircraft and has exceptional scratch resistance and also optical properties very similar to the optical glass (Light transmittance, Refractive index, Abbe number, etc.). To ensure the highest quality, precision and control are all 84.5mm filters made by hand in majority of production stages! Each filter is tested visually, as well with using modern measuring devices in above standard equipped test center.
founders of the brand also says "currently offered product portfolio of our optical filters is not final and we are currently developing dozens of new models that will soon appear on the market. Our long term goal is to come every year with attractive new models that will inspire hundreds of amateur and professional photographers around the world and the modern trends move steadily forward. Of course, while maintaining consistently high quality and favorable prices. "

You can learn more about 84.5mm brand and its products (including demonstration photos with and without filters) on the website:


First serial production series of 84.5 filters will be available worldwide from 28th of May 2012