The Camera Bag: TriggerTrap Mobile Offers Wide Array of Control Over Your Camera Via Your iPhone


posted Tuesday, May 1, 2012 at 9:44 AM EST

Tt-mobile-04-iphone-peekaboo-12-sWe've written about cable/app-based devices that let you trigger your camera with your iPhone before but Triggertrap Mobile could be one of the most sophisticated yet.

Available in the iTunes App Store in a free basic version or a full version for $9.99, Triggertrap Mobile works in conjunction with a special Dongle ($9.99) and connecting cable ($9.99) to help you remotely control your camera in an array of interesting ways.

Along with simply firing your camera's shutter just by touching your iPhone, Triggertrap Mobile will trigger your camera by shaking or bumping your phone; clapping your hands or making other noises; or via Face Recognition.

But wait, that's just the beginning.

You can also use TriggerTrap Mobile to trigger your camera for time-lapse photography, eased time-lapse, distance-lapse, HDR photography, HDR time-lapse photography, star trail photography, and many other functions. (According to TriggerTrap, there are more than a dozen ways to control your camera with the app/dongle/cable.)

There are so many remote functions in TriggerTrap Mobile, in fact, it can get a little confusing about how they all work. Take a look at the below video for the low down.

TriggerTrap Mobile currently supports more than 300 different camera models. The free version of the app includes three modes: cable release mode, time-lapse, and seismic mode, which harness your iPhone's acceleration sensors to trigger the camera based on vibrations, bumps, or knocks. The Premium version gives you the whole shebang.

More details here.