Apple iPhone 4S review posted!


posted Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at 11:05 PM EDT

Apple's iPhone 4S. Image courtesy of Apple Inc.Apple's iPhone 4S is an impressive computing and communication tool, and one of its strengths is a better camera than you can find in most dumb phones, to be sure. Enhanced by downloadable apps, Apple also souped up the iPhone 4S camera in its latest hardware rev, with a higher-resolution sensor, a faster lens, support for Full HD video, and access to the smartphone's more powerful processor. Our tests show that it's improved in a few ways, with better color and resolution, as well as performance, but it's not such a great leap that we'd call it radically improved. We still recommend it pretty highly, though, as a good quality smartphone camera that's more likely to be there when you need it. Click here for our review!