The Camera Bag: Robotic SmartTripod Is a Drone Videographer


posted Thursday, May 24, 2012 at 1:42 PM EST

Smarttripodhead-logoIf you've ever been to one of the large technology trade shows such as CES for consumer electronics, or PMA, for photography, you've probably seen video bloggers trying to shoot HD of themselves testing out the latest digital goodies. A new prototype product called SmartTripod would turn the cinematography and direction over to a robotic drone that follows you as it shoots video, letting bloggers/educators/hosts narrate their segments hands free.

Developed as part of the Microsoft's Robotics @ Home competition, the SmartTripod is the creation of Arthur Wait, an amateur robot programmer who won $10,000 for his invention.

SmarttripodfullAlong with basic hardware such as a lightweight tripod and a video camera, Wait's robotic assistant was created with Parallax's Eddie Robot Platform, Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio 4 software, and a Microsoft Kinnect motion sensing device. The SmartTripod also has a custom built tripod head.

Check out the two videos below: the first one shows Wait discussing the background of the SmartTripod, and the second shows the results as Wait narrates a faux cooking show shot by the robotic device.

The only thing we wish the SmartTripod was also able to do is edit down the videos. They're a little bit long.

(Via Engadget)