The Camera Bag: Slide Film Dress Has Hidden LEDs that Glow When it Gets Dark


posted Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 10:18 AM EST

Slide-film-dress-logoWhether you're strolling around the big city by day or hitting the town by night, ladies might want to consider sliding into this "Little Slide Dress" made out of slide film and illuminated by tiny LED lights.

Designed by New Zealand fashion student Emily Steel, the slide film dress is her modern take on "the classic Little Black Dress."

Steel says the dress is made out of individual slide film images that are backed with LEDs. A microcontroller board designed for clothing and e-textiles called an Arduino Lilypad is connected to a light sensor in the dress, which automatically determines whether the LEDs will be on or off based on the ambient light.

When it's bright, the lights are turned off, making the outfit resemble a shiny black dress (top right image.)

When the ambient light gets low, the sensor switches the LEDs on and they begin to pulse (below images), making the images on the dress "come alive."

We're no Tim Gunn of "Project Runway" fame, but we've got to hand it to Steel for "making it work."

Read more about the slide film dress here.

(Via Buzz Feed)