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posted Friday, June 1, 2012 at 12:09 PM EST

Induro's LFB100S hi-hat tripod. Photo provided by MAC Group.At the NAB 2012 show last April, photo gear company Induro launched a new hi-hat tripod set designed for both still and video use, with an impressive weight limit of 220 pounds. The company had a pretty eyecatching--not to mention convincing--method of demonstrating the load-bearing capabilities of its new Induro LFB100S DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set: set it on the floor, and then stand on it!  (A tripod that doubles as a step-stool for [very] low shelves--cool!). ;-) Admittedly, it wasn't extended to its maximum height of ~one foot at the time, but it was still a pretty impressive demonstration nonetheless.

The LFB100 DR Hi-Hat Tripod has some pretty interesting features for a hi-hat model. Folded length is 10.8 inches, and weight is 4.6 pounds. The leg angle is adjustable in three positions with a full-width leg lock, and each leg has two sections for adjustable height. With a 24 degree leg angle, maximum height is 9.4 inches, and minimum height is 3.9 inches with the same angle. By varying the leg angle, heights from 0.9 to 11.4 inches can be achieved. The leg extensions have dust and moisture-resistant, half-turn twist locks for quick and easy adjustment regardless of the shooting environment.

Induro's LFB100S hi-hat tripod can easily accommodate the weight of even bulky SLRs and lenses. Photo provided by MAC Group.

Induro's LFB100S hi-hat tripod can easily accommodate the weight of even bulky SLRs and lenses.
Photo provided by MAC Group.

At the base of each leg is an ovoid, pivoting foot with rubber grip, and a reinforced mounting hole allowing it to be screwed in place for a rock-solid position. A bubble level in the tripod spider helps make sure everything's even, and at the center of the spider is a 100mm bowl, with a 100mm HB100 Half-Ball Adapter included in the kit. This adapter also has a bubble level near its edge. The tripod accepts all conventional 100mm heads, plates, and adapters, and features three accessory mounts around the outside of the spider, so you can attach several accessory arms alongside your camera or camcorder as needed.

Back at NAB, Induro revealed pricing for the LFB100S tripod set as US$280 or thereabouts, but availability wasn't set in stone. Now, the company has revealed that the set will start shipping next month. A five year warranty is included, which can be doubled to ten years after an online registration. More details on the Induro Gear website!

Press Release

Induro® Announces New Dual Range Hi-Hat Tripod Set

Unique support system for both still cameras and video cameras that can securely hold up to a 220 lb. load scheduled to be in stores July 2012

North White Plains, NY – (June 1, 2012) – Induro, makers of tripods, heads and accessories designed for demanding professional photographers and videographers, announces July 2012 availability of the new Dual Range (DR) Hi-Hat Tripod Set.

Shown for the first time at NAB 2012, the new Induro DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set, designed with both photographers and videographers in mind, is a unique support system that provides a range of capabilities that makes this tripod compatible with the requirements of still cameras as well as video platforms. Supporting an unprecedented 220 lb. load, the new DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set consists of both a short Aluminum Alloy tripod with 100mm Bowl, and a 100mm Half Ball Adapter.

“We are so excited to soon be bringing this amazing compact, flexible and extremely strong tripod set to market,” said Jan Lederman, President of Induro. “Sure to please the most demanding photographers and videographers, this new tripod set meets and exceeds the standards set by other Hi-Hat and Low-Hat solutions.”

Matching traditional Hi-Hat dimensions, the DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set goes far beyond in terms of operational scope and flexibility. Each leg features a two section extension and three steps of variable angle adjustment, making height adjustments and terrain adjustments a breeze. Specially reinforced pivoting ovoid feet provide a sure grip on virtually any surface, plus the capability to be screwed, spiked or otherwise firmly secured to establish a rock-solid connection to the ground or a board.

Bubble levels are incorporated both on the tripod spider and the top plate of the half ball adapter. And three evenly spaced points provide secure 3/8" and 1/4" threaded mounts for accessories.

The Induro DR Hi-Hat Tripod Set will be available in stores in early July 2012 for $279. For more information visit .

About Induro
Determined to provide professional photographers and videographers with everything they need, Induro’s U.S.-based design team creates a premium line of tripods, heads and photographic support gear that provide unequalled craftsman-like attention to detail and ease-of-use.

Induro manufactures and sells its distinctive product line to professional and aspiring professional photographers all over the world who want the finest support gear money can buy. High quality, superior engineering, unrivaled price and top performance form a strong foundation on which every Induro product is built.

The Induro product line is designed and built for today’s professional photographers and videographers whose needs are very different than of those from five or 10 years ago. The demands of today’s professionals are changing rapidly and the only way to keep ahead of these changes is to have a design team that understands their needs.

For more information visit . Induro products are designed and marketed exclusively by MAC Group  in the USA, and sold by distributors around the world.

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