The Camera Bag: Feminine Camera Straps from Bloom Theory


posted Wednesday, June 13, 2012 at 8:56 AM EST

Bloom-theory-strap-logoSettle a debate for us. We can't decide whether these frilly camera straps from Bloom Theory are a unique and stylish antidote to all the macho, male-oriented camera gear out there or whether they're just plain garish.

However you feel, you can't deny that the straps -- which come in an array of feminine designs with names like Super Girl and Starstruck  -- are definitely different.

And at $130 a pop, they're also more expensive than most camera straps on the market.

We're pretty sure we know what the guys out there will think about these straps but we're curious how our female readers feel. So or not?

If you like Bloom Theory's camera straps, you can get them here.

(Via CoolMomTech)


Bloom-petit cheri