The Camera Bag: Lomography Hatches Cute Little Fisheye Baby 110 Film Camera


posted Thursday, June 14, 2012 at 2:04 PM EDT

Lomo-babyThere’s a new baby in the Lomography-land and it’s adorable. The Lomography Society has just hatched the Fisheye Baby 110 camera.

This little baby takes round fisheye pictures on 110 format film. The film, which which was near extinction, looks just like those small 110 film cartridges from the 1960s and 70s when Kodak was trying to introduce smaller and smaller cameras to the world.

The Lomo Fisheye Baby 110 comes in two flavors: the Baby 110 Basic for $39 and the Baby 110 Metal for $59. Both cameras look like shrunken versions of large rangefinder cameras complete with optical viewfinders.

The two Babies capture ultra-wide “fisheye” images and both models come with a bulb mode and the ability to take double, triple, or even quadruple exposures on a single frame. My heart belongs to Baby Metal, which is not only clad in metal but come with a PC flash adaptor, unlike some new digital cameras that shall remain unnamed.

These wonderful cameras may seem to have only one drawback, that is they use film and film is getting harder and harder to find. Well, the folks at Lomography would never leave their devotees without a resource for such a basic item and the sell their own brand of Lomography Orca B&W 110 film. And there is a lot more to learn about the Baby 110s and you see them in all their baby cuteness at the 110 Camera Microsite.
As everyone knows, Lomography is that weird collection of cultish camera products that parallels photography’s mainstream. For the Lomo-photographers (who do not believe that film is dead by a long shot), blurry images and dark frame corners are to be cherished the way other photographers embrace tack sharp edges and HDR.


Lomography, the commercial name of LomographischeAG of Austria, was created in 1991 and provides an alternative vision of photography for thousands of artist/photographers and any other shooters who just want to have fun.
The guidelines for Lomography are meant to undermine everything you learned about photography. Their motto is “Don’t Think, Just Shoot,” which I take as a refreshing reminder that sometimes we spend too much time fiddling with a camera while our subjects takes a hike.

You can buy a Lomo Fisheye Baby 110 here.