posted Tuesday, June 19, 2012 at 3:42 PM EST

Canon's logo. Click here to visit the Canon website!Over the last few days, Canon USA has released updated firmware for several of its digital SLRs and camcorders, as well as new versions of the software that accompanies these products.

Of most interest to our readers will be the firmware and software updates for the SLRs. The Canon EOS 5D Mark III update takes the camera to version number 1.1.3, and according to the company includes five changes as follows:

  1. Supports the single focal length EF 40mm f/2.8 STM lens that is to be released at the end of June, 2012.

  2. Fixes a phenomenon in which an image may become underexposed when using the Auto Lighting Optimizer for continuous Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) shooting.

  3. Fixes a phenomenon in which the backlight of the LCD monitor may not turn off depending on the camera settings and timing.

  4. Fixes a phenomenon in which the camera’s power may not turn on when a super-telephoto lens is mounted to the camera with an extender*
    *1) EF 300mm F2.8L IS II USM / EF 400mm F2.8L IS II USM
    *2) Extender EF 1.4X III / Extender EF 2X III

  5. Corrects mistakes in the Dutch, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, and Swedish menu screens.

For more details on the Canon 5D Mark III firmware v1.1.3, visit the Canon USA product advisory. The download itself for both Mac and Windows can be found on the Drivers & Software page for the 5D III.

Canon's EOS 5D Mark III digital SLR. Copyright © 2012, Imaging Resource. All rights reserved. Click for a bigger picture!

Canon's new EOS 5D Mark III firmware fixes some minor menu typos and three bugs, and adds support for the just-announced 40mm pancake prime.
Photo copyright © 2012, Imaging Resource. All rights reserved.

At the same time, Canon has also issued firmware version 1.1.1 for the EOS 60D and EOS 60Da digital SLRs. This has but two changes, as follows:

  1. Fixes a phenomenon where the camera's serial number that is displayed in the shooting information of the image does not display the correct serial number. *1)
    *1) If the camera's serial number is 2147483648 or higher and the camera firmware is Version 1.1.0 or earlier, the images captured with the camera will be affected by the phenomenon listed in 1. above. This phenomenon only affects the EOS 60D, and does not affect the EOS 60Da. Both of these cameras are equipped with the same firmware.
    To obtain the serial number correctly in the shooting information of images that are already captured using the old firmware, we are preparing updates for Digital Photo Professional and ZoomBrowser EX/ImageBrowser applications. Once the software updates are ready, we will make an announcement on our Web site.

  2. Corrects errors in the Greek, Italian, and Portuguese menu screens.

More details in the product advisory, and Windows / Mac downloads on the product page.

Canon's EOS 60Da digital SLR. Photo provided by Canon. Click for a bigger picture!

Although it shares the same firmware, the Canon EOS 60Da isn't affected by the serial number bug as the stock EOS 60D. It still gets some fixes to menu typos and an updated version of Canon's Digital Photo Professional software, though.
Photo provided by Canon.

As noted in the EOS 60D v1.1.1 release notes, there's also a new version of Digital Photo Professional, which fixes a problem with incorrect serial number display on shots made with cameras with serial numbers above a certain threshold. Digital Photo Professional v3.11.31 also includes several other changes, and in full the list of updates for this software is as follows:

  • Supports images taken with EOS Kiss X6i / EOS REBEL T4i / EOS 650D, EOS 60Da.

  • Supports new lens (EF-S 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 IS STM).

  • Fixed a phenomenon where the camera's serial number that is displayed in the shooting information of the image is not displayed correctly for some of the EOS 60D.

  • Fixed a phenomenon where the buttons for HDR tool cannot be displayed under specific settings of the display.

  • Fixed a phenomenon where check mark or rating that is set using Quick Check Tool may not be displayed correctly.

Digital Photo Professional is used with many of the camera's recent SLR and fixed-lens camera models and available for both Mac and Windows, so to get the update, simply browse to your specific model and hit the Drivers & Software link, then enter your operating system details. Note that the promised updates to ZoomBrowser EX and ImageBrowser aren't yet available; watch this space for more.

Finally, Canon has issued firmware and software updates for four of its professional camcorder models. The Canon XF100 and XF105 are now on firmware version, while the XF300 and XF305 are on firmware v1.0.4.0. In all cases, the new firmware adds an interlaced 60 fields-per-second 1,440 x 1,080, 35Mbps recording setting, and Korean-language menu display. An accompanying update to Canon XF Utility v1.3 for both Mac and Windows adds support for the same options. More details in the XF100/XF105 and XF300/XF305 product advisories.