Pentax K-30: Lab test images posted, added to Comparometer


posted Friday, June 22, 2012 at 3:57 PM EDT

Pentax's K-30 digital SLR. Photo provided by Pentax. Click for our Pentax K-30 preview!Yesterday, we published our first gallery shots from a production-level Pentax K-30 digital SLR, an interesting camera that couples a consumer-friendly pricetag with a great pentaprism viewfinder and a weather-sealed body. At the time, we said to expect our lab shots soon.

True to our word, Lab Technician Luke Smith's been hard at work, and we've just posted the first of our test images for the Pentax K-30. As well as the chance to see how the K-30 fares in the real world in the gallery shots, now you can also get a feel for how it performs in a controlled setting. We've also added a still-life series from the K-30 to our Comparometer(tm) tool, so you can compare performance side by side with over a hundred other current cameras (and the best part of a thousand models all told, including discontinued models).

When you're done with the lab samples and gallery shots, if you want more on the K-30, take a look at our hands-on Pentax K-30 preview!