Make Your Photos of Roses Actually Smell Like Roses with These Scented Papers


posted Friday, June 29, 2012 at 8:45 AM EST

Smells clipartof comHow often have you heard someone say that one of the pleasures of photography is it lets you stop and smell the roses? But what if you could actually smell those roses in your photos? Or how about a shot of your new baby that smells just like a new baby?

Think that photographs that smell like their subjects sounds too good to be true? Or like something out of a science fiction movie? Well, today, at the click of a mouse you can order paper to print your best photos on that comes in a wide variety of smells. It is a new dimension for the digital photographer: smell-o-prints!
These fragrant papers are produced by Homewood Press where they believe no picture is complete without its own aroma. As the company says from its corporate offices in aromatic, Toledo, Ohio, on the sweet-smelling shores of Lake Erie: “Rub4Scent – Scented Printing – Rub for Scent – Scratch and Sniff – Scratch n’Sniff… whatever you want to call it, we can give you something that smells.”
In the world of digital photography, where everything seems to be made overseas, we Americans finally have something we can be proud of: something that smells, lots of things that smell.

Smells roses1
Homewood Press scents are applied as a clear varnish to coated paper stock and it's possible for a single page to contain several different scents.

Because the fragrance is activated only when the print is touched, their “scentibility” can last for years. Your photographs can be "odor-ific" reminders of the outdoor barbecues or your teen’s first car, and they are sure to become prized family "air-looms."
With over 200 individual odors to choice from, you are sure to find the perfect bouquet for any photo. While all scents are available, their current stock of aromas includes:

Apple Cinnamon
Bad Smell
Body Odor
Christmas Tree
Cotton Candy
Horse Stable
Moschus (Musk)
New Car
Roasted Peanuts
Rose Rose
Tomato Sauce

Looking at this list, I think some Body Odor paper would be perfect for my old Kurt Cobain and Nirvana concert shots. And I’m definitely going to stock up on New Car, Car Exhaust, Tar and Sulfur paper as well as that seriously interesting one just called Bad Smell.

These are the kinds of odors that will make my street photojournalism something special!
Homewood Press hasn’t forgotten either those holidays and other important moments that photographers love to record. Just think of how impressed your family and friends will be when they get your annual Season's Greeting photo card. As soon as they take the card out of the envelope, they smell a hint of Christmas Cake or Christmas Cookies, or even Christmas Tree.

And don’t worry about sending odiferous cards through the mail. These fragrant photo papers have been approved for mailing by the U.S. Postmaster General, himself, provided that the scented surface is in an envelope and not exposed to the air or physical contact during the mailing process. This insures that no postal employees or their sniffer dogs will go off on the wrong scent.

Smells like a baby

Speaking of sniffer puppies, a word of caution: Homewood Press also offers paper impregnated with the smell of marijuana. I’d suggest that you think twice -- maybe even five or six times -- before sending all your friends your favorite photo printed on a sheet of reefer madness.

To order a sample package of scented paper for inkjet and laser printers go here.