Samsung’s WiFi EX2F—Not Just Smart But Bright Too


posted Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 9:22 PM EDT

Ex2f.200x192In a world where every digicam is "above average," Samsung has raised the IQ of its new EX2F with two unusual features.

The more exciting one is the fast, f/1.4 lens. The company rightly brags that nobody else offers that greedy a lens for available light. You get that f/1.4 aperture at the 24mm end of the zoom range. At the 80mm telephoto end, you don't do too badly either, though, with f/2.7. Add ISO sensitivity to 12,800 and you have to wonder why they even bothered putting a pop-up flash on the EX2F.

The EX2F also features built-in WiFi and some firmware to take advantage of it, which Samsung says makes it a Smart Camera. The firmware features include Mobile Link, Remote Viewfinder, Email and Auto Backup.

But don't get too excited. Samsung wasn't clever enough to keep the price lower than $549. Even then you'll have to wait until August for it. Read on for the details and visit our Samsung EX2F preview for the full specifications.

Press Release

Samsung Smart Camera EX2F Combines Super-Bright Photography With Easy Sharing

Samsung combines bright f/1.4 lens with easy sharing in the new Smart Camera EX2F

SEOUL, Korea -- July 3 -- Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the EX2F, the latest model in its growing range of WiFi-enabled Smart Cameras. Following the success of the EX1 with f/1.8 lens, the new model is engineered to deliver super-bright photography thanks to its f/1.4 lens, the brightest in any compact camera, according to the company.


The high image and video quality of the EX2F can also "store and share images remotely using WiFi functionality." With full Manual control in a strong but lightweight body, the EX2F is designed "for dSLR-owners looking for more portable equipment to capture images spontaneously and subtly and for photographers looking for a step-up in quality from their point-and-shoot while retaining ease-of-use and portability," Samsung noted.


The EX2F combines a number of features engineered to deliver uncompromising picture quality in a variety of conditions. With its segment-leading f/1.4 24mm lens, the wide range of aperture steps delivers clear images and video even in very low light conditions. These are controlled using the front wheel key and Dual Dials, which enable switching between parameters and modes quickly for greater manual control. The low-light capabilities of the EX2F are also added to by the 1/1.7" 12-megapixel BSI CMOS sensor.

Fusing quality with creativity, 1080/30p Full HD Movie Recording with stereo sound allows users to capture video in high enough quality to enjoy on a Full HD TV. The EX2F also allows still 12-megapixel photos and video to be captured simultaneously using the Dual Capture feature, so that any scene can be shot as both photo and video.


The EX2F's f/1.4 24-80mm wide-angle lens is approximately four times as bright as a F2.8 camera lens. A further development is that the lens unit now consists of 11 elements in nine groups, with four aspherical lenses and two high refractive lenses. Combined, these provide a 20 percent increase in the amount of light on the sensor, a 20 percent increase in image quality and a 10 percent increase in zoom ratio.

The lens on the EX2F also incorporates a Neutral Density filter, giving the user greater control over exposure time in different conditions and making photos appear more neutral in situations of over-exposure. It also allows for shooting at a very shallow depth of field, so users can isolate their subjects from backgrounds to create stunning portraits. To make bright images clearer, the EX2F also includes Dual IS (OIS and DIS) to minimize the effect of shaking -- particularly useful in low-light situations.


Housed in a sleek yet durable high-intensity magnesium body, more commonly found on dSLR models, the EX2F combines high-end image quality with convenience and speed. For those accustomed to the level of creative control on dSLRs, the EX2F allows for shooting in Raw mode for professional standard pictures.


The EX2F also includes full Manual control as well as Aperture and Shutter Priority modes. The Dual Dial and front wheel keys also allow users to quickly and easily adjust exposure for effortless pro-style control. This is all combined into a body that is compact and light, making it possible to carry the camera anywhere for spontaneous shots without the complication and intrusiveness of a weighty dSLR.


The bright 3.0-inch Swivel AMOLED display consumes little battery power. The screen responds swiftly and displays images in high contrast, while the swivel display allows picture-taking from low and high angles, even self-portraits. The screen also incorporates Samsung's Smart Panel user interface, which integrates all parameters into one display for easy control over the end result.


The EX2F is the latest in Samsung's Smart Camera range of WiFi-enabled cameras, which take the combination of high-quality imaging paired with connectivity to a new level. WiFi connectivity enables the secure storage of images through Auto Backup to a PC or saving to the Cloud. In addition, sharing to social networking sites such as Facebook or Picasa is easy -- or pictures can be sent via email. The EX2F's Mobile Link opens doors for connectivity with smartphones, without even having to resize images or video. Users can also access the Remote Viewfinder to use their smartphone's screen to frame shots from a variety of angles. Through the SMART LINK button, all these functions can be accessed with one touch for simplified sharing and storage.

"We created the EX2F to show that taking great pictures doesn't have to involve carrying a heavy and bulky dSLR wherever you go," noted Myoung Sup Han, Samsung senior vice president and head of the digital imaging business. "Because the best shots often arise when you least expect them, the EX2F delivers manual control and stunningly bright image quality in a body that is small and light enough to carry around every day. It's the perfect compact on-the-road companion for the DLSR user who expects the best image quality with full creative control. The inclusion of Samsung's pioneering WiFi technology also means that you can share those images straight from the camera, giving you the freedom to shoot and share wherever the journey takes you."