Firmware update takes Samsung NX20 to new level


posted Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 11:44 PM EST

Samsung's NX20 compact system camera. Photo provided by Samsung. Click for our Samsung NX20 preview!A new firmware update issued by Korea's Samsung Electronics aims to take its NX20 compact system camera to a new level--one that's actually horizontal.

Released on Monday, firmware version 1.01 for the company's flagship mirrorless model lets Samsung NX20 owners recalibrate their cameras' dual-axis level gauge. It's an option we'd like to see more manufacturers offer: even when cameras ship perfectly calibrated from the factory, that calibration can drift over time, making the cameras' level gauges less useful. If your NX20 doesn't quite register when it's level, you now have the opportunity to fix that.

Support for Samsung's interesting shoe-powered, cable-free EM10 external microphone is improved, and some unspecified bugs and issues with WiFi compatibility have been corrected. Other changes include support for more languages and text-entry methods, and tweaks to the camera's menu system.

More details and the update file itself can be found on the Samsung website.