Incredible photo of a storm that just hit New York City posted on Instagram


posted Wednesday, July 18, 2012 at 4:08 PM EST

Thunderstorm-photo-logoWe just got caught in a powerful summer rainstorm that hit New York City this humid afternoon. When we got back to our desk -- soaking wet, we might add -- we stumbled onto this incredible image of the storm, captured by Twitter user Dhani Jones.

Jones captured the image from the window of a plane -- from 10,000 feet in the air -- as he left New York City. He then shared the image on Instagram and Twitter and it quickly went viral around the world.

In the photo, the storm seems to be sitting over a section of the city, funnelling down a fury of rain and wind. (And, truth be told, that's exactly how it felt to be caught up in it!)

Here's Dhani's comment on the photo from his Instagram page:

#stormcoming #nyc #isolated I've never seen a storm so concentrated. The power of mother nature!

Once again, the power of mother nature meets the power of photography and a great image is captured...and shared.

See the full size image of the storm below.