Bizarre video imagines what it’s like to live in a digital camera, scene (mode) by scene (mode)


posted Monday, August 6, 2012 at 8:14 PM EDT

Inside-a-camera-logoWhen "max x" buys a new camera in the oddly endearing video below, and then takes it to the beach to see how it works, the results are surprising (to say the least). Immediately it's clear things in max x’s strange world never go as expected.
Think of this bizarre place as Mr. Bean meets Max Headroom.
It's a quizzical look at technology and a world that sometimes seems far too interconnected. It resembles our own world but is not quite the same (one hopes).
The creation of British filmmaker, David Packer (who plays max x), “the strange world of max x,” is broadcast on Germany’s Deutsche Welle (DW)TV as part of its art and culture "euromaxx" segments that follow the day’s news reports. “max x” is just one of several ongoing serials.
Packer works in Brighton in the U.K. and besides having fun with the adventures of max x he also works shooting commercial videos. He feels lucky he was discovered by DW-TV.
"I used to make films for myself in my spare time, and put them on my 'Sheepfilms' YouTube channel, while working as a freelance animator," he told Imaging Resource.

"DW discovered them and liked them. Additionally, being a multinational broadcaster, they liked that my shorts didn’t have dialogue as this reduced the amount of translation needing to be done. I have made about 25 films for them so far, covering a variety of topics such as gadgets, office work, a missing pug dog and fashion.”
In this episode, entitled “Max x hat eine neue Kamera (Max X Has a New Camera),” Max lives the meaning of "Camera Capture."