More photographers share their secrets for capturing the Olympic games


posted Friday, August 10, 2012 at 2:28 PM EST

Olympic-photographer-logoA couple of days ago, we shared a video of AP photographer Greg Bull discussing how he captured his iconic shot of U.S. Gymnast Gabby Douglas leaping over the balance beam on the way to winning the gold medal. Now, here are a few more informative videos featuring professional photographers talking about how they've covered the 2012 London Olympics.

The one major takeaway: while it may seem like a glamorous assignment, it's an incredible amount of hard work and pressure.

The first clip -- below -- features photographers and photo editors from the news agency Reuters discussing how they've covered the Olympics so far. In particular, they talk about how they prepared for the Men's 100-Meter Dash, which is one of most difficult events of the Olympics to shoot.

In all, Reuters had 15 photographers and six photo editors, covering the race from every conceivable angle. Three minutes after the race ended, the Reuters team was transmitting its first pictures to the world.


At the bottom of this post, is a video from TODAY of Ann Curry interviewing sports photographer Adam Pretty on his approach to capturing athletes at the games, which he calls "photographic nirvana."

(Via ISO 1200)