Canon, Sony top EISA awards; Nikon and Olympus in hot pursuit


posted Thursday, August 16, 2012 at 11:31 AM EST

EISA's logo. Click here to visit the EISA website!Each year, the European Imaging and Sound Association comes together to vote on its annual EISA awards. A wide range of categories are covered, including everything from in-car electronics to mobile devices. Photo products are in the mix, and while we don't typically cover industry awards, EISA's photo awards are a little more illuminating than most. That's because they're voted on by EISA member magazines from across most of Western Europe, and a little of Eastern Europe as well. The wide geographic range and the fact that the member magazines are mostly owned by publishers that--other than their EISA affiliation--are unrelated would seem likely to cancel out any bias, such as a particular country's preference for one brand over another. Each country's photo press is represented by only one EISA member magazine, and so each country gets only one vote.

So... which companies did particularly well this year? Canon and Sony took the most awards, with three apiece. Hot on their heels were Nikon and Olympus, with two awards each. Several other companies each netted a single award for a standout product.

In full, the list of 2012 / 13 EISA Photo Award winners is as follows, and we've included links to our reviews and previews (and those of our sister site,, for the lenses) so you can see how our own assessments of each product compares to those of the EISA members:

Curious which publications voted for these products? EISA's member photo magazines include:

What do you think of the award winners--any products you feel are missing from the list? Share your thoughts in the comments below...