The Camera Bag: These Vintage Camera Lamps are a bright idea


posted Wednesday, August 22, 2012 at 6:24 PM EDT

Want to really light up a room? If you're as photo gear obsessed as we are, you can't do much better than these old cameras that have been retrofitted to become lamps.

Called the Vintage Camera Lamp and made by Tinker & Tailor, each lamp is one of a kind. "Once it's sold, we may not have another one like it," according to the website.


Though the featured Vintage Camera Lamp is made from an old Praktica camera, which were manufactured by Pentacon in East Germany during the Cold War, other models are available.

There's also this funky old Russian Zenit camera with a massive telephoto that has been transformed into a lamp.


The lamps come with a 50W halogen bulb and an inline dimmer. There's a black cloth covered electric cable and a plug.

Prices aren't cheap for these handmade, "one-off" products though. The lamps cost $500+, and a vintage camera stand will add another $167 to the price.


If you want something to really impress your photography buddies the next time they come over to swap war stories though, you can get one here.

(Via Retro to Go)