posted Thursday, August 23, 2012 at 11:03 PM EST


The cloud is not enough, Revel Product Manager Sumner Paine told us in July.

With our photos scattered across our phones, tablets and multiple computers, a lot of companies want you to store your collection in their cloud. But they're missing an essential ingredient, Paine said.

That's a great photo app that runs on all your devices so you can access your photo library from anything you own without having to move them around from device to device. Let the cloud push your photos to you, instead.

And that great photo app is Adobe Revel, you might have guessed, which Adobe has just now updated.

New Features

Details are in the press release below, but highlights of the latest round of improvements include:

• A slightly improved user interface, making the new features easier to use

• Captions for your photos (at last!)

• Albums to organize your photos

• Private album sharing on

• Grid view to browse photos, in addition to the original track view

Captions are stored in the Revel database, not in the image Exif header.

Creating an album is a breeze. Just create a new album, go to grid view of an event to pick the best shots, cmd-shift to select multiple items (as always) and drag them to the new album.

To share an album, just copy the link and view it in your browser. Sharing can be turned on or off but it's just for viewing, not editing.


Paine said the team has had "tremendously positive feedback" on the product. Sharing with other family members really resonates with this crowd.

Interestingly enough, while there are a lot of iPhone photos, the desktop client is used to import about 25 times the number of photos the mobile platforms import.

And a large number of those images are edited, Paine added. Among the most popular edits are applying Revel's Looks. And the most popular ones are the first ones in the track, he noted, which is why they're changing the order with each release. Cropping is popular too, of course, but fine tuning is power-user thing.

The biggest surprise the team has had, though, is how important the desktop computer remains. It's the place people work on their photos even as mobile devices creep into the workflow.

Press Release

Adobe Revel 1.5 Now Available

New Album and Captions Capabilities keep photo libraries organized on Mac, iPad and iPhone

Adobe has announced the immediate availability of Adobe Revel 1.5. Available in the Mac App Store and the iTunes App Store, Adobe Revel is a photography app that marries powerful and intuitive organizing and editing tools with a cloud technology uniquely designed for photos. With Revel users have one place for all their photos, which they can access using their iPad, iPhone and Mac. And thanks to automatic syncing of everything a user does -- importing and editing photos, creating albums -- Revel is the only app that allows consumers to access and manage one photo library on virtually any iOS device or Mac computer.

"My favorite things about Revel are having my whole photo library always with me and automated syncing," said Gayle Vehar, blogger at Mom and Camera. "I love being able to make adjustments and manage photos on-the-go without having to manually sync when I get home -- Revel just handles all of that for me. Revel is the perfect photo app for families because we'll never miss a moment."


New features available in Adobe Revel 1.5 include:

• Albums to organize photos: Create an album on one device and it is automatically updated and accessible everywhere

• Sharing albums on the Web: Share private albums with friends and family via

• Captions: Add context to memories with text descriptions

• An updated all new UI makes the app more intuitive and easier to navigate

• Library grid view: Browse photos in track or grid view

• Sign in with Facebook or Google IDs: Eliminate the hassle of remembering another password by logging in with a Facebook or Google ID and password

Revel helps users keep their photo library organized with the ability to create albums and apply event tags. In addition, Revel makes it easy to create better-looking photos -- users can crop, apply Looks (filters) or use sliders that control lighting, color and clarity. With effortless syncing and no limits to the number of photos that can be imported, consumers now have the freedom to use any device of their choice to play with all their photos anytime.


Users with an expired trial as of Aug. 21 will have another 30 days to try the new version. To start another 30-day complimentary subscription, users need to login with their existing Adobe Revel ID. Users will not be automatically charged at the end of their complimentary subscription; this applies to all users of the Adobe Revel 30-day complimentary subscription.


The Adobe Revel 1.5 desktop app for Mac is immediately available in the Mac App Store and the apps for iPhone and iPad is on the iTunes App Store. Upgrading these apps is free for all existing customers. Subscription pricing for an Adobe Revel account is available for $5.99/month.