Photo Tutorial: How to shoot a tasty bottle of beer for a Heineken ad


posted Monday, September 3, 2012 at 4:52 PM EDT


What's the best type of photography? Beer photography. Or at least that's how photographer Aaron Nace of Phlearn sees it in this photo tutorial on how to shoot a Heineken beer ad.

Though it may seem easy, Nace walks you through some of the tricky lighting set-ups you'll need to capture a thirst-enducing beer bottle without ruining the shot with too much reflection. The video, below, is just the first part of a series on how to photograph beer. See the rest here.

And if these tutorials don't fill you up, check out this video spot on how to photograph a hamburger and this one on how to shoot a steaming cup of coffee.

Bottoms up!

(Via The Loop)