Nikon D600 lab shots posted!

by Zig Weidelich

posted Friday, September 14, 2012 at 5:14 PM EST

Nikon D600 lab shots!

Imaging Resource senior editor Shawn Barnett is finally back at IR HQ and he brought the Nikon D600 with him, so we rushed this hot DSLR into the lab right away. Luke's been working feverishly all day to bring you as many D600 lab shots as he could, and we're happy to report the fruits of his labor have now been posted! See our Nikon D600 samples page for the 120+ lab shots he's taken so far, including links to select raw (.NEF) files. We've also uploaded raw files for our night Gallery shots.

Enjoy, but please be gentle on our bandwidth by downloading only the files you need!