The Camera Bag: This candy-coated, sprinkle-covered Canon 7D looks scrumptious


posted Monday, September 24, 2012 at 8:34 AM EDT


We don't know what to do with this candy-covered Canon EOS 7D designed by artist PJ Linden: eat it or take pictures with it.

Linden, who specializes in transforming digital products into playful "tech toys" with 3D paint, created this one-of-a-kind 7D using candy dots, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles. Then she added a colorful, pebbly texture to the barrel of 7D's zoom lens to finish off the Willy Wonka meets Rainbow Brite appearance.

Here are some more images of the camera, which is called "The Sprinkles 7D," featuring a sweet-looking, modified Lensbaby lens on the front.




See more of Linden's art here.

(Via Trendhunter via Art's Facebook page)