News entries for September, 2012

Humorous graphic shows mind of the street photographer at work

Happy Friday, everyone!

Photographer Blake Andrews has posted this humorous graphic detailing the mind of the street photographer on his blog.

Which region of the below illustration do you usually reside in when you're out taking pictures?

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Sony invests $642 million in Olympus, what’s it mean for photographers?

After months of rumors about potential partners for financially troubled Olympus Corporation, and weeks of speculation that the successful suitor was Sony, the new partnership is finally official. Olympus announced today that they'd accepted Sony's offer to invest roughly ¥50 billion (about $642 billion) between October 23 of this year and February 28, 2013. The investment...

Want to see sample photos from the compact, full-frame Sony RX1? Look no further.


Many of us have been drooling over the new compact, full-frame Sony RX1 that was announced earlier this month. And while the specs are indeed impressive -- 24.3 megapixel fullf-frame sensor, 35mm fixed Carl Zeiss f/2.0 lens, nearly pocketable size -- what we've been really waiting for are some sample photographs...

Before Photoshop: How photographers have been manipulating images for more than 150 years


The other day I came across the famous photo of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec posed as both the artist and his model. On that very same day, I saw that Adobe announced its latest version of Photoshop Elements. It seemed a good moment to take a look back at the history of manipulated images, mostly as a reminder that...

Photographer condenses entire portrait shoot of comedian into minute-long film


Portrait photography sessions can be rapid-fire-affairs with a photographer often shooting hundreds of frames in succession while looking for that perfect moment.

Photographer Harry Borden demonstrates this in a short film -- shown below -- where he strings together every portrait he shot of British comedian...

Q&A with Panasonic: The story behind the new video-centric GH3 and other compact system camera tech advances


During Photokina 2012, Imaging Resource's founder and publisher Dave Etchells interviewed five senior executives from Panasonic about the company's latest technologies and cameras, especially the newly released, single-lens mirrorless GH3.

The panel of executives from Panasonic Corporation included:

  • ...