StickyAlbums gets your images on your client’s mobile devices


posted Friday, October 5, 2012 at 6:56 PM EST


There are two things we really like about StickyAlbums.

First, it gets your images off your hard drive and onto your client's mobile devices where they can easily share them. It gets your images easily off your hard drive, we should say, with a Web-based tool called Builder that assembles a branded (your brand) slide show you send to your client as a simple link.


When they click on the link, they're looking at your photos. with your name, phone number and Web site link built into the app. They can save that link to their home screen as an app icon (which you design to match the slide show). That's ours to the left, in fact.

That link also makes it trivial for them to pass it along to their friends. That album with your brand and contact information on it.

The other thing we like about StickyAlbums is its customer support. We had a few questions only a reviewer could come up with and StickyAlbums set itself apart with not only its responsiveness but its courtesy. sets a new bar for customer service (not that you'll ever need it).

This may be the first you've heard of StickyAlbums but you can thank us after you read our review.