Tablet Awesome: SmugMug app lands on iPad


posted Monday, October 8, 2012 at 10:13 AM EDT


Last February, photo sharing site SmugMug launched a new app aimed at making iPhone photography a more awesome experience. That app, dubbed Camera Awesome, has done very well for SmugMug. Offered free of charge, it has a score of over four out of five from well over 10,000 user ratings--not bad at all for an app that's just eight months old. In all, SmugMug says that Camera Awesome has over six million users.

Late last week, an update to the app brought it to a new form factor: Apple's popular iPad tablet line. Camera Awesome on the iPad works much the same as on phones, but with a user interface designed for the much higher-resolution, larger screen of the tablets. As on phones, Camera Awesome is free for iPad users, though you can pay up to US$10 for sets of optional filter effects, with each of these sets including nine filters and priced at about a buck apiece.

More details in the promotional video below:

SmugMug's promo video shows Camera Awesome in use on an iPad tablet.