The Camera Bag: Photographer’s business cards designed like a vintage viewfinder


posted Monday, October 8, 2012 at 8:20 AM EST


Business cards may seem a little passé in this world of smart phones and social sharing, but we really like the thoughtfulness, craftsmanship and care that went into these cards for photographer Alexandra Stamopoulou. Stamopoulou's friend, a silkscreen artist who goes by the name Tind, designed these translucent cards to emulate the viewfinder in a vintage Zenit camera.

The cards are printed on transparent vinyl that's 0.3mm thick, with the outline frame in black and the words and info in white.

While these cards are unique, they're not exactly cheap: they cost approximately $3 per card. At that price and with how awesome they look, photographers may have a hard time giving them away.

More info and images on how the cards were made here.

(Via Reddit)