Two Carry Speed straps added to sliding straps review


posted Monday, October 8, 2012 at 5:08 PM EDT


When we reviewed Custom SLR's strap a while ago we heard from so many other strap makers that we did a roundup of sliding straps. Then we heard from Carry Speed. They make such a nice solution, we just had to tell you about that, too.

So we've updated our roundup to include two of their models. One's for lighter cameras and one can handle the heavy stuff, including a long telephoto lens. There's also a nice hand strap included in the bigger one.

And like the Custom SLR solution we originally reviewed to get this ball rolling, the Carry Speed FS-Pro doesn't have to be removed to put your camera on a tripod. It has built-in Arca Swiss compatibility and threads for other quick release plates.

Drop in to see the addition.