Mark Seliger shares photo secrets with celebrity photographers on new CAPTURE show


posted Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 10:16 AM EDT


Celebrity photographer Mark Seliger dishes with other famous photographers on his new show CAPTURE on YouTube. This is really worth a look if you want to get an insider-y perspective on how some famous celebrity photos were made.

Along with photographers including Martin Schoeller, Albert Watson, and Platon, Seliger interviews celebrities who also share a passion for photography. Guests include Matthew Modine, Dylan McDermott, and Lauren Bush.

The show is set in Seliger's Manhattan studio and the relaxed atmosphere seems to have a calming effect, allowing the photographers to open up as they discuss each other's work and the stories behind their images.

As a starter, we suggest the below episode featuring Seliger, Schoeller, and Modine. Highlights include Schoeller discussing his infamous "breastfeeding mom" photo that controversially graced the cover of Time magazine last May and Modine, explaining how his dyslexia drew him to using a Rolleiflex camera.

You can see more episodes of CAPTURE here.

(Via Reddit)