The Camera Bag: Capture close-up photos of birds with this feeder that doubles as a remote camera


posted Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 5:16 PM EDT


Bird photographers are going to love this. It's a cleverly designed bird feeder you can use to remotely snap close-up photos of feathered visitors.

Called Bird Photo Booth, the device was invented by ornithologist Bryson Lovett to snare photos of birds who come to the feeder for a bite.

Set up is fairly simple. Just place an iPhone, iPod Touch or GoPro camera inside the hardwood bird feeder, which is designed to look like a classic Polaroid Land Camera, and then move away to watch a live feed on an iPhone, iPad, or other mobile device or computer via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


When you see a bird you want to photograph or capture video of, just hit the virtual button on the app. A demo video is below.


The Bird Photo Booth is still a Kickstarter Project at the point and, by the looks of it, still has a ways to go to get funded.

If you want to donate to the project, pledging $149 will let you pre-order a Bird Photo Booth, which is slated to ship in March 2013 (if the project meets its funding goal).

Below is another image of the Bird Photo Booth and examples of birds photographed with the device via an iPhone 4s inside the feeder.

(Via Incredible Things via Peta Pixel)