The Camera Bag: Umbrella tripod mount helps you shoot in the rain


posted Tuesday, October 16, 2012 at 10:37 AM EST


Most photographers know that shooting in rainy weather actually helps you get more luscious and verdant landscape photos. This summer, we offered these tips on how to improve your rainy day photos.

But the one main issue with shooting in inclement weather is that those pesky raindrops can short circuit your gear.

Since holding an umbrella while you shoot is hardly convenient (and a waterproof camera cover still leaves your lens exposed to the elements), one workaround is this hands-free umbrella holder hack created by the folks at Digital Camera World.

It looks fairly simple and involves just a couple of L-shaped brackets; metal piping; and some screws and bolts and you have a pretty decent tripod "brolly holder." Just insert a large golf-style umbrella and you'll be all set to shoot in the rain.

Of course, this set-up should only be used in rainstorms when there is very little to no wind or you risk having your whole camera rig sail away.

Read more of the details and see photos on how to make this DIY umbrella tripod mount at Digital Camera World.

(Via Reddit)