FocusTune automates autofocus adjustment, we review it


posted Wednesday, October 24, 2012 at 12:33 PM EST


You know the trouble with autofocus. It can be, well, off a bit. That's why there's an autofocus adjustment option buried deep in your camera's menu system.

And you know Michael Tapes Design invented the LensAlign as the optimal target for evaluating just how your camera/body combo autofocuses (because you've read every review we've written about each new design, right?).

So you know you have to eyeball the test shots to evaluate them. And if your eyeballs are popping out of their sockets from looking at a monitor all day, you know using Photoshop's Find Edges command on those shots helps maintains what little sanity you may have left.

But did you know that's all history?

With the new FocusTune application, Michael Tapes Design automates autofocus adjustment evaluation. Point the Windows or Mac OS product to a set of images of the LensAlign target (or a printed target) and it will tell you the best micro adjustment to make. You can even do it with your eyes closed.

See our review for the details.