Video preview: Remote controlling the Canon 6D via wireless


posted Sunday, October 28, 2012 at 11:20 PM EST



Last week at PhotoPlus 2012, founder Dave Etchells and Managing Editor Roger Slavens caught up with Chuck Westfall of Canon USA to see the Canon 6D's built-in WiFi feature in action.

Not only is the Canon 6D a reasonably affordable full-frame digital SLR, it also includes a built-in WiFi radio. That not only allows connection to local access points and computers, it also lets you remote control the camera with Android and iOS devices, and download images straight into these devices for display and distribution.

Watch the video below to to see the demo, then read our hands-on preview for the rest of the story!

Canon's Chuck Westfall connects the Canon 6D to a smartphone for both shooting and viewing images.