The Camera Bag: Inexpensive, waterproof bag protects your camera while shooting in stormy conditions


posted Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 9:27 AM EDT

I did a fair amount of shooting before, during and after Hurricane Sandy and I wish I'd had the good sense to bring along a decent rain cover for my camera. (Luckily, my camera survived, though many trees in my neighborhood did not.)

Here's a very interesting looking dry bag for digital SLRs and compact system cameras that would have been great to use during a rain-soaked shoot. The bag is also unbelievably inexpensive, selling for just $8.33 from a Hong Kong-based manufacturer on eBay.


Called the "Waterproof Underwater Housing Case Dry Bag," it's made of thick plastic and completely covers your camera and lens with a watertight seal. While it supposedly can be used to bring your DSLR down to 66 feet under water, we definitely wouldn't risk that. (For that kind of security, you'll do better paying big bucks for something like this underwater housing for the Nikon D800 from Nauticam.)

But for rainy or even Hurricane-level days when you're trying to capture amazing photos under harsh shooting conditions, this bag might work in a pinch. If you want something like this but aren't sure about having a layer of cheap plastic between your lens and what you're shooting, shop around because there are plenty of options that integrate glass over the lens.

All this begs the question: What gear have you used to keep your camera dry while you're shooting in inclement weather?

(Via Reddit via PetaPixel)