Panasonic LX7 Reviewed: An excellent photographer’s companion


posted Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 2:07 PM EDT



Improved in several important ways, the Panasonic LX7 digital camera was a joy to shoot. Key refinements include a manual aperture ring, a manual focus toggle, and an even higher quality lens. As we've come to expect from Lumix digital cameras, the LX7 also had rock-solid image stabilization, and the new level gauge helped straighten our horizons.

Optical quality really stood out as the major enhancement, which gave us the confidence to place key subjects in corners without worry that they'd be too soft.


The new faster lens -- a full stop faster -- allowed faster shutter speeds in low light, and delivered fairly nice bokeh as well. We enjoyed shooting with the Lumix LX7, and felt comfortable with it as our only digital camera on several outings. Click here to see what else we liked about the Panasonic LX7!