Guess what we just unboxed? Sony RX1 hits the IR lab, first shots ready for pixel peeping!


posted Thursday, November 15, 2012 at 5:57 PM EDT


It was a big day in the IR Lab: Our Sony RX1 review sample arrived! We managed to keep it from the clutches of the bevy of begging editors, and hustled it into the lab for a quick set of First Shots. 

You can see the first RX1 sample images from our lab here, and can compare the RX1's performance side by side against other cameras via our Comparometer (tm).

If you still can't get enough of the Sony RX1, you can see the gallery images Dave Etchells shot in San Francisco, read his initial thoughts on the camera's handling and operation, and check out our detailed Sony RX1 hands-on preview. We'll be filling in (a lot) more test images tomorrow, and we're working to produce a full review of this tiny full-frame jewel as soon as humanly possible. 

Based on what we seen so far, this is a camera well worth waiting for. But why wait any longer than you have to? Visit our valued affiliates and get yourself on the waiting list ASAP, if you think you might want one. Your purchases support this site, at both Adorama and Amazon.

Our full Sony RX1 review will hopefully be up in the next few weeks, but meanwhile, check out all the juicy images.