The Camera Bag: Rare Hasselblad NASA camera kit on sale for $51K+


posted Friday, November 16, 2012 at 5:46 PM EST


If you're doing some early holiday shopping and have a ton of money to blow, you might want to consider this rare photography item: a "mint" condition Hasseblad camera kit made for NASA is on sale on eBay for US$51,300.

The kit consists of the Hasseblad MKWE camera with a CF Biogon T* 38mm, F/4.5 lens and A24 film back with a distinctive yellow exterior.

According to the eBay seller, less than 20 of these Hasselblad NASA kits exist in the world and the lens has "No scratches, No Haze, No fungus!"

(Because, ya know, it would suck if your pricey Hasselblad lens was covered in intergalactic space fungus!)


Hasselblad recently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of its cameras being in space by unveiling a new "ultimate luxury" mirrorless interchangeable lens camera called Lunar.

The 24.3-megapixel Lunar, which is being developed in collaboration with Sony, will sell for $6,500 next year. While that high price has drawn controversy, it's pretty much a cheap "stocking stuffer" compared to the swanky NASA camera kit.

Happy shopping and have a great weekend!

(Via Mirrorless Rumors)