Canon Pixma Pro firmware improves ink level detection


posted Tuesday, November 20, 2012 at 3:21 PM EDT

Are you using Canon's recently-released Pixma Pro-10 or Pro-100 inkjet printers, and having problems with your printer reporting its ink level incorrectly? New firmware for both printers released late last week will fix the problem, says Canon, but you may need to expend a little extra ink to find out if the update's necessary.

The updates take the Pixma Pro-10 to firmware version 1.030 and the Pro-100 to v1.020, respectively. New shipments of both printers already come with the new firmware installed, though, so you'll need to find out the current version number to determine whether an update is necessary. This is confirmed by printing a nozzle check pattern page. Simply hold down the "Resume / Cancel" button until the power lamp flashes white twice, then let go and the page will print. Your current firmware version is listed at the bottom of the sheet.

Ink cartridges in the Canon Pixma Pro-10 printer.

If you need the update, you can find it on Canon USA's website at the links below:

Under the Drivers and Software tab, select your operating system, then click on firmware. No other changes are noted in the new firmware beyond the improvement in ink level detection.

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Canon Pixma Pro-100 printer.